Life Science Products Liability Risk

The B&G Group is known within the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical space. We’re leading the industry in concepts that help bio related businesses reach the market faster with a substantial amount of protection.  We offer solutions to products which have been treated differently in the past.  Every quarter we pioneer our clients continued success whether they are a fortune 1000 company or a new entity in need of our stewardship.  Protecting this sector, and being forefront to a clients’ individualized needs, we craft risk towers and transfer programs to compartmentalize risk by category to each and every threat and are uniquely qualified with experience. The B&G Group has only one team with a singular uninfluenced focus; our clients.

Although brokers who specialize in the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industries communicate that there are only several insurers available to this sector, we have pioneered the reach for many of our clients to utilize different outlets throughout the world who have an appetite for liability insurance and are willing to participate in the transfer of risk.  In a time when many insurers are increasing premiums B&G consistently has been able to both stabilize risk and cost in the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical sectors.

Life Science Practice Heightened Coverage

  • 16 Month Policy Endorsement
  • Ingredient Provider Endorsement
  • F.D.A. Clinical Trial Endorsement
  • Self Insured Retention S.I.R. Review
  • Extended Reporting Unlimited Endorsement
  • Batch Endorsement

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