Be Prepared for a Auto Loss

At the scene of an accident, knowing what to do can see lives and make the claims process easier.

  • Stop your car and find out if anyone is injured
  • Call the policy or highway patrol.  Tell them where you are, how many people were hurt and what kind of injuries and where so they can send the nearest medical unit.
  • Cover injured people with a blanket if possible to keep them warm
  • Try to protect the accident scene.  Take reasonable steps to protect your car from further damage such as setting up flares, getting the car off the road and calling a tow truck.
  • Ask the investigating officer where you can obtain a copy of the policy report.  You will likely need it when you submit your claim to the insurance company.
  • If necessary, have your car towed to a repair shop.  If you’re expecting to get repaid by your insurer, be sure to speak to them first before making any repairs.
  • Keep good notes, have a pen & paper in your glove box.
    • Names & Addresses of all drivers and passengers involved
    • License plate numbers
    • Makes & Models of each vehicle involved
    • Driver License Numbers
    • Insurance ID Card details (including insured name, insurer name & policy #).
    • Names, Addresses and Phone numbers of any witnesses
    • Names and Badge numbers of police officers and other emergency personnel.

If you run into an unattended vehicle or object, try to find the owner.  If you cannot, leave a note containing your contact info.  Record the details of the accident.

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