The practice of law requires significant investment of time, money and resources.  For many attorneys, it is their life’s work.  A malpractice, suit can be disastrous for the future of a firm if the proper insurance coverage is not in place.  Law firms trust The B&G Group to provide the expertise necessary to help protect against these kinds of losses and the firms good-name.

We understand lawyer professional liability insurance and represent many insurers for those who have had no claims, to those not as fortunate.  From start up sole-practitioners to established large firms, we have the right insurance programs for you!

We work with almost all specialty areas including Corporate, Copyright, Criminal, Employment, Environmental, Estate, Government, Immigration, Litigation, Matrimonial Plaintiff, Probate, Real Estate, Worker’s Compensation and others.  Our experienced staff can make sure your staff, partners and board members are properly protected.

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