Business Owner Policies

What is a Business Owners Policy?
A business owners policy (BOP) is a package policy designed for a small business. It is a single policy that incorporates protection for both property and liability exposures. Business Owners Policies are simple, convenient and inexpensive.

Which businesses should have Commercial Owner’s coverage?
Business owners policies are designed for “main street” businesses such as retailers, wholesalers, service businesses and small offices. BOPs are not recommended for larger companies or for manufacturers who face a greater liability risks.

Small businesses make up a large portion of all business. Privately-owned companies are responsible for 58% of all private-sector jobs, 43 percent of domestic sales and 51% of the private gross domestic product.
-U.S. Small Business Administration

How does a BOP work?
Business owner policies contain property coverage (to protect your buildings, equipment and products) and liability coverage (to protect you from lawsuits). Other features you can add include business interruption insurance, which protects your income if you have to shut down due to unforeseen circumstances and crime insurance recovers money lost from robbery, burglary, employee theft and embezzlement. Since every business is different and carries different risks, BOPs can be customized to your specific needs. Note, however, business owner policies do not cover professional liability, auto insurance, workers’ compensation, health insurance or disability insurance. These policies need to be secured separately.

Could your business survive a major claim without a Comercial Owners Policy?
Let’s imagine that water is spilled in the walkway of your business and is left unnoticed. A customer comes along, slips, and falls, suffering a severe back injury that requires surgery and six months off work. In this scenario, your business could be held liable for the customer’s medical bills, lost wages and any resulting disability. To defend yourself against such a claim, you would incur considerable attorney fees. Are you prepared to cover these costs out of pocket? If not, it’s smart to have a BOP in place to protect both your property (building and contents) and your liability when something unexpected occurs.

A smart solution
If you need a business owners policy, or if you just want to learn more, The B & G Group, Inc. can help. With more than 35 years in the industry, we’ve helped thousands of businesses protect their investments with business owners policies. Because BOP policies are so streamlined, we can usually put them into force quickly without a lot of underwriting hassles or pricing surprises. Our experienced insurance experts will help you obtain comprehensive, cost-effective insurance coverage – tailored for your business’s unique needs. We represent a variety of “A” rated carriers so you can rest assured that your livelihood and your business is protected with stable, reliable coverage.

To ensure that you get the strongest insurance protection at the best rates, we…

  • Offer unparalleled expertise and stability giving you the peace of mind that The B & G Group, Inc. will be there when you need us most.
  • Work with 36 contracted carriers to provide you with a range of choices unavailable at most other agencies.
  • Have the capability to rate business owners policies online, providing you with very fast feedback on the cost of this insurance.
  • Employ a highly experienced and knowledgeable staff to help you understand your business exposures.


Ready to learn more? The B & G Group, Inc. is ready to help with solutions for Comercial Owners Policy!