Hurricane Season is Upon Us

June 14, 2016 no comments Business, Company News, Personal

Hurricane Season runs from June 1st through November 30th!

One of the most dramatic, damaging, and potentially deadly events is a hurricane.  During a hurricane, your home may be damaged or destroyed by many different storm hazards. For example:

  • Debris can break windows and doors, allowing high winds and rain inside the home.
  • Large storms (i.e. Hurricanes Hugo, Andrew, Katrina and Superstorm Sandy) can cause tremendous devastation as trees and power lines topple.
  • Weak elements of your home can fail, such as windows, doors, and roofing material.
  • Roads and bridges can be washed away.
  • Coastal storm surges can flood basements and lower levels of your home, threatening life in many circumstances.
  • Destructive tornadoes also can be present, occurring well away from the storm’s center.
  • Wind damage is not limited to the coastline – it can extend hundreds of miles inland under certain conditions.

Your home is a valuable asset. The costs associated with property damage from hurricanes and the disruption to your life in the aftermath can be significant.  Be Prepared!  Know what to listen for, Stay Informed, Have a Family Emergency Plan and Know how to Protect your Property!

See the attached for valuable tips and information courtesy of Narragansett Bay Insurance Company.